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About the Author

Brenna Nation is an author who resides in a crowded old row home in Baltimore, MD. After graduating from The University of Maryland with an English degree, Brenna began her career as a marketer for media companies but through her early morning wake ups her first book, The Shattered Lands, was born. When she's not writing, she can be found petting her dogs, getting tattoos, searching for the spiciest food in the room, or crying to Taylor Swift songs while she drives around aimlessly. You can follow her writing journey on TikTok at @brennawritesnow.



18 years after her disappearance, the princess has returned. But what is left of her kingdom?

Sapphire finds herself in Eriobis with a crown, a castle and too many handmaidens to count. And so her life begins as the heir to the throne of a country she doesn't understand - a country ruled by magic and secrets.

That's before she meets Ashes. A dark witch with the power to destroy Sapphire's life and kingdom. But Ashes also happens to be the only person that can help her discover the truth.

And the answers might unravel the very world she's come to know.

Perfect for fans of The Dark Tide and Six Of Crows, discover the secrets of Eriobis in this magical Sapphic story.

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